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Thank you for visiting Story & Sound! This is an interdisciplinary art project about the local (DC/DMV) 2020 experience. As part of this project, I’m collecting poetry and stories from community members about their experiences living in DC in 2020. Anything that expresses a distinct 2020 experience you've had is fair game – everything from the pandemic to protests, from navigating the now virtual world to getting creative to survive or find love, and from struggle and fear to hope and connection.


Your submitted poems and stories will be altered and pieced together with local audio recordings to form the final creative product (an experimental soundscape), with your poem or story available for the audience to experience alongside the project in its original form. Each improvised experimental soundscape will be focused around a specific themes from our collective 2020 experiences and aired on local community radio at WERA 96.7, at 5:30pm Wednesday. Check out some examples of recent episodes here.

Upcoming themes include:

"I am a Woman, this is how I feel about my vote"

"Back to School"

"Black Lives Matter"

At the end of the project run, there will be a printed booklet available that includes the original poems/stories alongside illustrations/artwork from DC area artists. If enough video is submitted, a final music video for at least one of the final soundscapes will be created (if you submit video of you reading your poem or story, it may be included in the final video unless you specify you’d prefer for it not to).

If you choose to submit, poems or stories can be as short as just one word or as long as 1000 words. Please submit written text, if you can also submit a recording of you reading or singing the poem/story (either audio alone or video with sound) I will include your voice in the final soundscape. Otherwise a reader will give voice to your words. If you are uncertain how to share an audio recording, please let me know in the "anything else you'd like to add" section and I'll connect with you!


Submissions will be accepted on a rolling basis through the end of 2020. Submission is not a guarantee of inclusion in the final project. I encourage submission from and hope to include a wide variety of voices and perspectives from across the region. To submit please complete the form below.

If there are any proceeds from this work, all of it will go directly to local DC mutual aid efforts and Arlington Independent Media, providing direct support to our community. You will be credited as a contributor of an original work of poetry or story.

To learn more about the project, don’t hesitate to reach out to me! To learn more about Arlington Independent Media, visit:

Submission Form

Thanks for submitting!

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