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Story & Sound is an interdisciplinary art project about the local (DC/DMV) 2020 experience, highlighting the personal experiences of individuals during this time through a series of soundscapes created around a central theme from the collective experience. These soundscapes are improvised live using recordings from around the District of Columbia and greater DMV region - including field recordings, local news stories, recordings of panels and speeches, interviews with community members, and the stories and poetry contributed by individuals like you. If you're a resident of the DC region and would like to contribute your perspective, words, and voice to the project, please submit here.

The series of improvised experimental soundscapes focused around specific themes from our collective 2020 experiences can be heard live on local community radio at WERA 96.7, at 5:30pm on Wednesdays. You can tune in with your radio, or check it out on TuneIn. All of the shows will be available on Bandcamp at the end of the project run. All of the final work will be available on a pay-what-you-can model, with any proceeds from the Story & Sound project going to support our DC community through donations to DC mutual aid efforts and Arlington Independent Media.

For a full schedule of upcoming Lex de Vivre performances, check out the Home page.

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